Tax Compliance
& Planning Solutions

The key to successful tax and financial planning is working with an experienced and proactive tax accounting team. Each of our clients’ tax preparation needs and situations are unique. We understand that the greatest value we provide is taking the time to listen to our clients and make sure our plan incorporates business financial goals as well as personal financial plans. A quality custom tax plan maximizes tax deductions today, strategizes for the future, protects assets and enables wealth accumulation.

We can work with your current CPA to ensure a smooth transition.

Tax Compliance & Planning Services We Offer

Business & Corporate Tax Compliance

If I have no prior knowledge of business tax compliance, how do I guarantee I stay up to code on all my business tax compliances? How do I prepare my federal and state business tax returns?

Individual & Property Tax Compliance

How do I guarantee that I'm not paying more property and income taxes than I'm required to pay? How do I know that my tax preparer is seeking out the best tax opportunities for my interests?

Trust & Estate Tax Compliance

Where can I find someone that will help me handle the affairs of an estate as a trustee, executor, or beneficiary? How can I guarantee that I'm receiving the full benefits of the estate plans set forth?

Family Financial & Tax Planning

How can I find a holistic family financial & tax planning experience that keeps my finances on track for years to come? How can I balance family wealth management, business success planning, and retirement planning all in one place?

Tax Audit Representation

If I'm being audited by the IRS, where do I turn for representation? What do I do to reduce my chances of a business tax return audit, individual tax return audit, or sales tax account audit?

What Is Tax Compliance?

Tax compliance refers to taxpayers' decisions to comply with state, federal, and international tax laws and regulations in a timely manner. Although it can be difficult to ensure tax compliance due to competing and contradictory requirements, tax compliance helps you avoid unnecessary fines, penalties, and audits.

Benefits of Tax Compliance

Here a few major benefits of tax compliance:

  • Saves you money in the long run
  • Helps avoid tax audits that can be very costly
  • Prevents money wasted in fines and penalties
  • Compliant companies carry a higher valuation

Tax Compliance Process

1. Documents & Record Keeping

Collecting and maintaining proper, accurate records to ensure the correct information is provided to the IRS is critical. These records are essential if you go through an audit or have a tax problem.

2. Filing of Tax Returns

The annual tax filing date is April 15 to ensure compliance. Missing this deadline can result in non-compliance and major fines.

3. Tax Payments

Payments made to the IRS must be accurate. The price of underpaying can be incredibly high, including penalties plus interest and in some cases, criminal prosecution.



Starting at $750


Starting at $1850

CPA Consultation &
  Tax Planning

Starting at $395/hr

We are happy to prepare a formal engagement with review of your prior year return. Tax and audit representation is billed hourly with one of our CPAs.

Work with the Industry-Leading Tax Compliance Company to Ensure Your Compliance!

With competing and contradictory requirements—among other challenges—ensuring tax compliance can be extremely complex. Ensure you maintain and achieve compliance by working with Fisher, P.A. Our tax compliance accountants have extensive experience and expertise in current laws and regulations. Get in touch with us today to get started!