Business Advisory

Technology and the speed of information dissemination are lowering the barriers to entry in many industries, increasing volatility of markets, increasing creative solutions and challenging businesses to stay relevant and successful. Business owners who use and understand real time data and accounting to learn and plan will be able to quickly react to trends or changes and adjust accordingly.

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Business Advisory and Consulting Services We Offer

Business Legal & Tax Structure Evaluation

Colleagues tell me how their business is set up, but how do I know if that is the right way for me? How do I protect my business? How do I avoid paying too much in taxes?

Business Startup & Best Practices Consultation

How do I organize my finances for my new business? What do I need to know to stay compliant with state and federal regulations and tax laws? How do I track sales tax?

Business Accounting Technologies & Implementation

How can I figure out the software that is best suited to my business needs? Who can implement and integrate our inventory software with our accounting software?

Business Succession Planning

What are my business exit strategies? How do I sell my business? How do I retain or incentive key employees or younger partners to take over?

Why Companies Choose Our Business Advisory Consultants

Experience & Talent

Our team of CPAs provide the experience and talent in business and industry accounting, business financial advising and corporate and small business tax. Our business advisors are well versed in different industries and the challenges that face those industries.

Strategic Business Advisory Services

Our business consultants level the playing field between corporate giants and small business by providing the business strategies, goals and the measuring tools that secure our business client’s success.

Small Business Advisory Services

Our small business advisory services ensure that start-up companies can have access to advisory services in the early stages to avoid inefficiencies and costly mistakes.

A Business Advisory Company That Cares

Our business advisory consultants care about the success of your business and the positive impact our expertise can provide business owners.

How to Find the Best Business Advisory Firm for Your Business

  1. Consider the credentials of an advisor

    There are no standards or requirements for the designation bookkeeper, accountant, consultant or business advisor. Without experience in this field, it becomes very difficult to vet someone else’s knowledge. A credential such as CPA establishes the advisor is held to 40 hours of continuing education each year, passed rigorous tests and has a foundation of knowledge. This, of course, is no guarantee that they are the best, but it raises the standard. There are many other designations to look for such as CPCP (Certified Professional Coach Program) or PCC (Professional Certified Coach). Do your research and see if the requirements to achieve these designations align with the areas of service you need.

  2. Look for an advisor who has owned a business

    An advisor who has owned their own business, and hopefully multiple businesses, is aware of the time commitment, the tendency to wear too many hats, the need for quality advice and quality information.

  3. Find an advisor who is part of a team or firm

    A team of business consultants can collaborate on experiences they have had with software, operational processes, tax strategies and other resources. The entire team becomes a resource for your business increasing, exponentially, the knowledge and expertise that supports your business.

  4. Ask other successful business owners for recommendations

    Most business owners are usually proud to share the team of experts they rely on and have contributed to their success. Business owners that have found a business advisor that becomes a partner in their success know how hard it is to find and are happy to share.

  5. Search for an advisor that “practices what they preach”

    Are you impressed by the way they run their business? Do you have a sense they rely on cutting edge technology and are constantly testing ways to improve? Do they strike you as a leader in their industry?

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