Strategic & Financial Planning Services We Offer

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Business Legal & Tax Structure Evaluation

Colleagues tell me how their business is set up, but how do I know if that is the right way for me? How do I protect my business? How do I avoid paying too much in taxes?

Business Startup & Best Practices Consultation

How do I organize my finances for my new business? What do I need to know to stay compliant with state and federal regulations and tax laws? How do I track sales tax?

Accounting Technologies & Implementation

How can I figure out the software that is best suited to my business needs? Who can implement and integrate our inventory software with our accounting software?

Business Valuations

What is my business worth? What do businesses in my industry sell for? When is the ideal time for me to buy, sell, transfer or gift my business?

Succession Planning

What are my business exit strategies? How do I sell my business? How do I retain or incentive key employees or younger partners to take over?