Professional Real Estate Accounting Services

We provide the expertise in managing real estate accounting details and financial opportunities, allowing you to focus on what you do best! Whether its evaluating future acquisitions or building your real estate business, maintaining accurate financials are crucial to your business operation. As a real estate accounting partner with Fisher, P.A., you’ll be able to accomplish your goals, utilizing up to date accounting balances and KPI reports, customized to meet your operating needs.

Why Trust Fisher, PA for your Real Estate Accounting Services

We understand the intricacies of property management software and how to make sure the general ledger provides accurate reports, so you can build the capacity needed to grow. We assist real estate companies in building accurate commission reports for their brokers, facilitate the 1099 reporting requirements and maintain data to ensure your real estate brokerage company stays compliant. We work with property management companies, real estate brokerage firms, real estate developers and holding companies as well as commercial and residential real estate brokers. Partner with us to see just how successful your company can be!

Let Our Tax Accountants Help You Prepare for Business Compliance Deadlines

We prepare financials not only for management use, but for a constant analysis of the tax implications of business decisions. With our understanding of both commercial and residential tax compliance, we have the expertise to alert you to tax planning opportunities as we see them and while there is still time to make a change.

Benefit from Dependable Real Estate Business Advisory Solutions Near You

Our team can tailor to your specific needs with real estate advisory services you can trust, understanding how property owners and management companies interact with your own business. We offer our real estate best practices and consulting expertise on a project basis so that no matter what challenge you may face, we’re there to help! Our business consultants level the playing field between corporate giants and small business by providing the business strategies, goals and the measuring tools that secure our business client’s success.

We can work with your current accountant or bookkeeper if you are not already using our Outsourced Real Estate Accounting Services.

Real Estate Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Business Advisory Services

We provide medium size and startup companies the tools and resources they need to focus on capital re-investment and growth. From best practices to technology, our solutions set up companies for success.

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Business Improvement Services

Every company is unique. Our consulting services provide business owners with first-hand access to our experienced CPAs. Together, we help companies launch projects that support their overall financial stability and future.

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Business Accounting Services

Our CPAs are leaders in business accounting services. Our outsourced accounting, controller and CFO solutions help companies scale without the overhead cost, helping them increase cost margins and profitability.

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Tax Compliance & Financial Planning

We provide businesses of all types guidance to ensure tax compliance on both federal and state levels. We also help plan for future growth based on sound financial principles. From planning to audits, we manage it all.

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