Tax season is here and deadlines are approaching. To avoid filling issues or penalties, it’s important for businesses

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There are seven different federal tax brackets ranging from 10% to 37% depending on the taxable income and

The IRS may not scrutinize the majority of small businesses’ tax returns, but certain common mistakes can get

admin August 16, 2018

As a small-business owner or manager, you have many responsibilities to ensure that your business is profitable and

admin July 20, 2018

Don Tapscott explains how next generation financial asset technologies are here and are going to change the way

admin July 13, 2018

When starting a small business, taking the time to set up your recordkeeping system properly, right from the beginning,

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Sound planning is one of the most critical factors to the success of your business. Before you started your

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  One important consideration when starting your business is determining the best legal organizational structure. Why? Because it will

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Fisher, PA accountant and tax associate and former Shorter University basketball player Grace Rogers, embraces our current mood