Fisher, P.A. is a CPA firm and innovative leader specializing in business advisory services, individual and business tax compliance as well as outsourced accounting solutions. Our proactive approach is driven by the needs of middle-market businesses, their owners and the families we serve throughout the region. We provide the platform for our clients to leverage technology to improve communication, reporting and efficiencies while we drive the strategies that add value, increase profit margins and success.


Unparalleled Experience in Accounting.

Our team has decades of experience in preparing individual and corporate tax returns, analyzing and balancing books, managing payroll, and designing high-level financial strategies. When you entrust your finances to us, you can rest assured that they’ll be managed efficiently and accurately.


More Than Just Tax Returns.

Whether you need end-to-end accounting services, payroll management, or high-level strategic consulting, our firm is here to help. We can fill any gap in your finance and accounting department, allowing you to operate with fewer employees but at a more efficient level.


Education & Empowerment.

Our staff is continually learning and studying the changing tax code so we can help you make the best financial choices. We’re also committed to helping our clients understand and implement tax-saving strategies. Our passion is educating clients on the most beneficial strategies to help them build wealth.


An Experienced Certified Public Accounting Firm

The original practice was founded in Charlotte almost 30 years ago. Emily Fisher, Principal and Business Advisor of Fisher, P.A. transitioned into the public accounting world in 2007 from a corporate finance career and an entrepreneurial period in the wine and food world. A succession plan was in place for the existing practice and in October of 2014 Emily transitioned into her next career path…building a certified public accounting firm for the future… Read More

Strategic & Financial Planning Services
We Offer

Business Accounting Services

By providing innovative outsourced accounting services and cutting-edge technology solutions, we help our business clients prosper and secure their success. We offer three levels of monthly accounting services to cater to the needs of a small business startup to the needs of an established middle market company.

Business Advisory Services

We provide you the resources to keep your business relevant and competitive. With our business advisory services, you’ll receive resources like business valuations, startup best practices and consultations, and even succession planning. We deliver the expertise your business has been looking for.

Business Improvement Services

We provide the means to create a healthy, growing business by developing a fine-tuned strategy that best captures and analyzes data needed for success. We can create consistency & clarity to streamline your growth plans.

Tax Compliance & Financial Planning

We’re dedicated to providing you with a quality custom tax plan that maximizes deductions, protects assets, and enables wealth accumulation. Our team of skilled certified CPAs can deliver on everything from business tax compliance to international tax compliance.

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Licensed Management

Emily A. Fisher, CPA

Principal | Business Advisor

Brendan A. Garay, CPA

Senior Manager | Business Advisor

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